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Fanni Compton is a British Actor Known For Her Visceral, Quirky And Oft Disturbing Screen Presence. After being 'expelled' from Drama school in her twenties Fanni Compton thought her dream of Acting was over. Two years later she won a scholarship to attend one of the Country's top Drama schools in London, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. She managed to not get thrown out of this school and at her graduation showcase was noted as 'An Expert Choice' by JAM Agency.

Her first theatre job saw her praised by Sir Ian McKellen who said she was 'Superb. Highly watchable'.



Fanni Compton sets the tone for this (show) with a scene from On Love by Mick Gordon, in which a couple discuss the ups and downs of their relationship. Compton seems particuarly relaxed in (her) role, lending her a maturity beyond her years and allowing her a style that is both unpretentious and unaffected. Such a focused opening is a hard act to follow....''



Additional Skills

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Ballroom, Tango, Freestyle, Singing, Impersonations, Comedy, Computer Literate, Cycling, Voice, Accents, Make-up, Guitar, Song Writing, Painting, Poetry


Location Blackpool



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