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I am already with a PRO, why sign with 10K BOXING.

Whether your a fighter or a ring girl and currently signed with a pro. We are not replacing your team, we all work together with your team to get you more paid fights. Just think of us as a bonus. Sign up TODAY!


I have no fighting experience, can I still join?

10K BOXING always matches fighters of the same calibre. If you do not have any experience and would like gain more experience. 10K BOXING can inform you of upcoming sparring trials which will not only help you get more experience but will also enable you to network with other industry professionals.

Why not sign up to our newsletter which updates you  of upcoming shows, sparring trials and other opportunities.


Does 10K BOXING only represent Boxers? 

10K BOXING does not only deal with boxers, we also represent MMA,K1,Kickboxing and Muay Thai fighters across the UK. So get in touch TODAY to see how we can get you help you.


How, when and how much do I get paid?

All fighters will recieve thier purse directly by 10K BOXING on the night. The amount of the purse depends on the show,the promoter and the size of the fight.


How do I join 10K BOXING Agency?

Signing up to 10K BOXING agency is easy. All you have to do is use the contact form for us to then contact you to discuss your vision as well as possible opportunities we may have for you.


Why do I contribute 15% AGENCY FEE ?

10K BOXING has noticed that fighters are either not getting paid enough, or not being matched with fighters with the same calibre. So that's why we do what we do best so you can focus on training while we act on your behalf by securing you more paid fights and working together on your vision with your team.


I am a promoter, how do I book a fighter or a Ring Girl.

To book a fighter or a Ring Girl all you have to do is simply click on the fighters or ring girls profile and complete the booking form on their page.  If you are making more than one booking then simply give us a email or a call so we could provide a solution for your requirments for your upcoming events or projects.


I am a model/ring girl, can I join?

10K BOXING is only working withunderstands the importance of visual imagery for each white collar & semi pro boxing events and having the right eye-catching, glamorous look for the crowd to enjoy. If you would like to model or be a 10K ring girl, simply send us an email and we will be in touch.


Will I be covered by medical insurance?

As 10K BOXING is merely an agency, fighters are required to discuss medical insurance with promoters. Please note that fighters are required to attend a compulsory medical check prior to their fight. In circumstances where a fighter is declared unfit to take part, they will be required to forfeit.